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For Our Clients

Livingston Research Group is proud to offer its services in the field of academic research, as well as academic and business consultancy. We are one of the leading providers of academic assistance programs in the UK and abroad.

We try to contribute to the global community by facilitating the information flow, stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience, leveraging the global talent.

We offer our clients a broad selection of advice and services, which include (but are not limited to), model answer writing, dissertation and thesis writing, expert proofreading, market research, business analytics, etc.

Academic Research

Our research for academic purposes is aimed at assisting students around the globe. We explore the assignment you have a difficulty with, use the best hardcover and Internet-based sources to come up with a relevant and correct answer to the most sophisticated questions.

Business Research

Livingston Research also offers innovative solutions for business. Our analytics division is capable of running the most up-to-date research of the market, competitor’s analysis, environment study and complex financial analysis. We generate effective business advice that is capable of providing a true boost to your company. Our experts are impartial, intelligent, and experienced consultants who are willing to look for a solution to any problem our clients might face.