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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

How much does it cost to register on Livingston Research?

Registration on Livingston Research is absolutely free of charge.

Am I eligible to apply for a freelance writer position?

There are only two requirements for each candidate - fluent English and an inquisitive mind. So, if you are good at English spelling, grammar, and researching - welcome to Livingston Research.

What should I do to start writing?

Please, fill in the signup form at our website. Then you will need to go through a timed English test and write 3 test orders. Once you pass all the steps, we will get in touch with you with further instructions.

About Orders

What kinds of orders are available on the platform?

Our available orders usually include essay writing, research papers, analytical papers, etc.

On what topics will the orders be offered?

We place orders on different subjects: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences,formal sciences, business. Most of them are on humanities. You can make your choice based on your field of expertise, deadline, interest, etc.

What are paper requirements?

  • No plagiarism
  • Following client's requirements
  • Correct format
  • Appropriate language, phrasing, and content
  • Scholarly sources

How do I get a task?

If you pass the selection to become our freelance writer, you will get the access to the ordering system. It is a classic freelance platform with an open market. You can manage a workload by yourself.

Payments info

What is an average payment per writing work?

Payment per order depends on the number of pages, deadline, and academic level. The price per one page can vary from $3.5 to $10.

How often are writers paid?

You will receive your payment twice a month based on the number of essays you have successfully completed (all orders with the status "completed" in your Finance folder). The salary should arrive on your account within the 10 calendar days after the withdrawal request deadline. Your salary will be calculated in US Dollars.

How do I withdraw money from my writer's account?

We use the following payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill. To get a payment you should have an account and some of the orders completed.

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Pass the application process successfully to confirm your intention to work with us. In return we provide you the access to the extensive database of available content writing orders.

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