We are
Global Education
Technology Company
We are
Global Education
Technology Company
Our Mission

Our mission is to give personal education support enabled by technology to every student. We aim to help students tailor their study experience to their needs and desires. We work hard to ensure that everyone can get personal study help in any subject 24/7 at the shortest possible notice.

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Livingston Research
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What we do
Livingston Research delivers study help and support
to students
around the world since 2009
  • We aim to solve the main problem of current education system - lack of personal support for students.

  • We have created a platform which connects students to a network of thousands of verified tutors to get help with their homework and anything related to college.

  • In order to help students all over the world we are managing several brands which make use of this platform.

We create and manage a portfolio
of products on platforms such as
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat bots
To connect students with our pool
of tutors and experts.
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