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It all starts with hiring process where we only invite into the family the top 1% of people who share our values

Once in, its all about
bringing the best out of you.
Up for the challenge?
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  • Comfortable environment
    • Comfy Office in the heart of the city
    • Stable competitive salary in USD
    • Multiple non-monetary perks
  • Personalised support
    • Regular personal development sessions with founders and senior managers
    • Tailored personal and team education and training programmes
    • Supportive team members always ready to give you a hand
  • Professional challenges
    • Transparent career paths and ability to shift between different teams and roles
    • Ambitious goals linked to attractive bonuses
    • High-achiever values and result oriented culture
Our employee satisfaction survey
  • I feel fairly compensated for
    the work that I do
  • There's a friendly and pleasant working atmosphere in my team
  • What I do is an interesting work
    that I enjoy doing
  • I feel that I have professionally / personally developed while
    working at Livingston Research
  • I work in an environment where I can give my opinion and it is heard
  • I can say I’m proud of working at Livingston Research.
80%+ of employees
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